Annabel Tan


Annabel is currently a 2nd year Masters in Public Health student at Yale University. She received her MEng in biomedical engineering from Imperial College London in 2010. She spent the summer of 2014 researching substance abuse in Tanzania. She has a keen interest in food, yoga and metal music.

Stories by Annabel Tan

Of Celebrity, Stigma And HIV

What do celebrities and pop culture have to do with our perception of AIDS? More than we'd care to admit, sometimes.

The Red Meat And Smoking Equivalency

Is eating processed meat really as dangerous as smoking? Our columnist, Annabel Tan, takes a closer look at the statement issued by WHO.

Dengue On The Way To Becoming Endemic In China

Analysis of dengue virus sequences in Southern China suggests that dengue cases may not be isolated, imported incidents as previously thought.

The New Old People Problem

Coping with a rapidly aging population is a complex issue that cannot be dealt with simply by training more gerontologists.

Of Myths And Millennials

Are you drinking eight glasses of water, eating salad and sleeping eight hours a day? Good for you, but unfortunately, your actions might not have a firm scientific basis.

Taking A Stand Against Sitting

Are you sitting down? You might want to take a little walk after reading this article.

Of Epidemics And The End Of The World

Sure, pandemics can be scary and shouldn't be taken too lightly. But don't let Hollywood-style hysteria take over either.

Antimicrobial Resistance: The End Of The Antibiotics Era

Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan speaks to Asian Scientist about the World Health Organization’s plans to combat antimicrobial resistance and the challenges ahead.

Beyond Food & Fuel: The Tragedy & Complexity Of Refugee Health

As the Rohingya refugee crisis continues to unfold, the international community urgently needs to come up with a stronger response than stopgap measures of providing food and fuel.