The Path To Digital Mental Healthcare

From flagging symptoms to monitoring recovery, digital innovation can make the mental healthcare journey more accessible, effective and responsive every step of the way.

AsianScientist (Oct. 17, 2021) – For individuals with mental health disorders, the road to recovery is rarely straightforward. In Singapore, the mental healthcare system remains fragmented, where service delivery needs greater coordination and bridging of community support. As current care services are often unable to meet diverse needs outside the clinic, individuals face barriers in advancing from a place of distress to proper diagnosis and treatment.

On the other hand, the ideal journey is one where patients can easily access timely and effective care while health providers themselves have the capacity to deliver effective services to those who need it most.

By providing better support attuned to people’s experiences and behaviors, technologies can enable management of mental health beyond institutions. Here’s how digital solutions can transform the current mental health patient journey into an ideal one.


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