Asia Ramps Up Research In 2021 UNESCO Science Report

To support sustainability and advance digital transformation, governments and researchers in Asia are coming together to focus research direction and increase output.

5. Two research agendas with one focus

When it comes to pursuing digital transformation and greener practices, Japan has proven that the two are deeply intertwined. With a dual green and digital agenda, the Japanese government launched Society 5.0 in 2017. As part of the plan, towns will harness smart city technologies powered by energy supplied in flexible and decentralized ways to meet residents’ needs while conserving energy.

Another focus of such dual agendas is the reduction of nuclear power and integration of hydrogen energy to power smart cities. Currently, South Korea is developing hydrogen energy to compensate for the phasing out of nuclear energy in line with its Third Energy Master Plan.

When reviewing the world’s scientific progress over the last five years, it is clear the research landscape must always be in flux to meet a constant stream of global needs and demands. However, as we forge ahead, there remains room for improvement with calls for greater diversity in fields driving the digital revolution.

With climate change and economic development as strong key focuses, Asian countries consistently push the envelope to champion valuable research and harness science and technology to solve global issues.


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