2021 Edition of Asian Scientist 100 Announced

From COVID-19 to climate change, the 2021 edition of the Asian Scientist 100 list recognizes the contributions of the region’s best researchers as they tackle the biggest issues of our time.


AsianScientist (Apr. 26, 2021) – For the sixth consecutive year, Asian Scientist Magazine has published its annual list of Asia’s most outstanding scientists and researchers, the Asian Scientist 100. In addition to fields ranging from physics to agriculture, this year’s list highlights the achievements of six scientists at the forefront of COVID-19 research.

As COVID-19 made its relentless spread across the world last year, scientists from all across Asia rose to the occasion and joined forces to stop the coronavirus in its tracks. With all hands on deck, experts in fields as diverse as computational fluid dynamics and materials science studied the virus’ spread, developed life-saving vaccines and more.

But even as Asia’s best minds race to rid the world of COVID-19, scientific developments elsewhere march on. With representatives from China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Hong Kong SAR, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in fields ranging from biotechnology to hydrogeology—this year’s Asian Scientist 100 celebrates the meaningful science taking place in Asia and the researchers that continue to make breakthroughs amidst a global pandemic.

To be considered for this year’s list, individuals must have been awarded a national or international prize in 2020 for their research. Alternatively, the honoree must have a significant accomplishment in scientific discovery or leadership that benefits academia or industry.

“It is now clearer than ever that science—and scientists—are what will help us overcome challenges like COVID-19 and longer term issues like climate change,” said Dr. Rebecca Tan, editor-in-chief of Asian Scientist Magazine. “We are committed to shining a spotlight on the scientists who often work behind-the-scenes to bring much needed innovations like new vaccines to the world.”

The list in no order of merit, is available online here. For media enquiries, please contact Asian Scientist Magazine senior writer Ms. Kamila Navarro at [email protected].


Annex A – Scientists conducting COVID-19 research from the Asian Scientist 100 (2021 edition)
Annex B – Selected scientists from the Asian Scientist 100 (2021 edition)
Annex C – The Asian Scientist 100 (2021 edition)


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