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At their virtual open house on 16 January 2021, learn about how PSB Academy’s School of Life and Physical Sciences prepares aspiring science and health professionals for the careers of tomorrow.

AsianScientist (Jan. 8, 2021) – With the first vaccinations underway globally, COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of diverse scientific fields to stopping the virus in its tracks. Within the laboratory, researchers are continuing to find new ways to overcome the virus. Outside, fitness professionals are helping ensure their clients’ optimum health, especially during a pandemic.

Given the renewed public interest in science and health, it comes as no surprise that careers in these two areas are thriving, despite upheavals in the job market. Enhanced by partnerships with top international universities and well-equipped facilities, PSB Academy offers various programs that can help develop budding science and health professionals and propel them to success. Its School of Life and Physical Sciences, for instance, provides courses in life and sports sciences, with respective concentrations in areas like biomedical science and sports coaching, among others.

Changing lives with the life sciences

Aside from the healthcare workers at the pandemic’s forefront, biomedical researchers are also tirelessly working behind the scenes to come up with new drugs, diagnostics and of course, vaccines. For aspiring scientists dreaming to become the next Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Sidney Yee—both of whom are pivotal players in the US and Singapore’s respective COVID-19 responses—PSB Academy offers the Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences and four Bachelor’s degrees from university partner La Trobe University in Australia.

The Foundation Diploma is meant to bridge O-Level students with minimal science backgrounds to the life sciences degrees. In turn, the degrees are patterned after La Trobe’s comprehensive programs and taught by experienced local lecturers. Featuring specializations in biomedical science, biotechnology, applied chemistry and pharmaceutical science, the degrees can be completed in as short as 28 months full-time—allowing students to easily make the leap to the workforce.

What sets PSB Academy’s degrees apart is their emphasis on industry—and indeed, globally—relevant topics. Consider the Introduction to Microbiology module common to all four specializations. With a syllabus that investigates the causes of common microbial diseases and microbial interactions with humans and the environment, the module develops the theoretical and practical skills that researchers-in-training need to safely study microorganisms.

Meanwhile, theoretical modules like Molecular Genetics and Genomics introduce students to advanced concepts within the field like bioinformatics and animal models. At PSB Academy’s STEM campus in Toa Payoh, students can also explore the fundamentals of life, prepare their own pharmaceutical formulations and develop other practical biomedical skills at well-equipped laboratory facilities. From forensics scientists to medicinal chemists, the life sciences degrees at PSB Academy pave the way for exciting career pathways much needed in today’s world.

The life sciences and chemistry laboratories at PSB Academy enable students to perform techniques at the cutting edge of science. Photo credit: PSB Academy.

Bright minds, healthy bodies

Earlier this year, Singapore’s circuit breaker led to a significant surge in fitness equipment sales as people sought to maintain their exercise routines at home. While the Republic may now be in Phase Three, the national passion for fitness carries on. Coaches, trainers and fitness professionals should therefore remain in high demand—and PSB Academy is their training ground.

Whether it’s in the form of a certificate, diploma or degree, the sports sciences courses at PSB Academy are all focused on helping the human body reach its full potential. This time around, the degrees are modelled around the curricula of Australia’s Edith Cowan University and Scotland’s Edinburgh Napier University. Given that the Health Promotion Board recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, sport or exercise weekly, the modules of these degrees equips budding trainers with relevant expertise in exercise and sports sciences to help Singaporeans achieve these goals.

For instance, the Exercise Delivery practicum allows students to work on equipment techniques and communication skills needed for one-on-one and group fitness classes. Meanwhile, modules on sports injury prevention and player monitoring give budding coaches and trainers an opportunity to learn the intricacies of managing professional athletes. All in all, students can expect a well-rounded, science-backed training accredited by the International Sports Professional Association.

It’s not just the life sciences students with laboratory access too; the sports sciences program has its own state-of-the-art laboratory, with gym equipment, timing gates and 3D sports motion analysis machines.

On top of that, PSB Academy also offers short programs on ACE certification, the Fundamentals of Sports Massage Therapy and Self-Myofascial Release Triggerpoint (Level 1 – 3), broadening their students’ skillsets. Indeed, given the recent focus on life-long learning in a post-COVID world, even experienced graduates and mid-career workers can also look forward to PSB Academy’s life science postgraduate offerings set to roll out in 2021.

PSB Academy’s sports sciences laboratories allow aspiring coaches and trainers to study the fundamentals of sports and exercise through the lens of state-of-the-art equipment. Photo credit: PSB Academy.

A virtual leap to real-life success

As a leading private education institution in Singapore, it’s clear that PSB Academy has a rich history of producing graduates with relevant skills sought after by employers. Boasting a comprehensive portfolio of certificate, diploma, degree and short courses, the institution gives students the flexibility to choose programs catered to their needs.

Find out more about how PSB Academy can help you build relevant skills and unlock a fulfilling career in the life and physical sciences through the virtual open house on 16 January 2021. For further details on your program of choice, hop on a live chat with program consultants. Tune in to the live Zoom talks and be inspired by industry speakers and PSB Academy’s roster of impressive alumni.

Through the virtual campus tour, you can also get a glimpse of PSB Academy’s facilities and laboratories. But if you’d like to see the campus in real life—fret not, a physical visit can also be booked on selected dates. Register for PSB Academy’s virtual open house here.

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