HKU President Awarded The Eringen Medal

Professor Zhang Xiang was recognized for his contributions to micro- and nanoscale engineering, which has applications in microelectronics and photonics.

AsianScientist (Nov. 2, 2018) – Professor Zhang Xiang, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), was awarded the 2017 A.C. Eringen Medal from the Society of Engineering Science (SES).

The Eringen Medal is the highest award from the SES, conferred annually to an individual in recognition of sustained outstanding achievements in engineering science. Zhang received the Medal at the 55th edition of the Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science at the Carlos III University of Madrid in Spain, where an Eringen Medal Symposium was held in his honor.

Zhang is a world-renowned scholar and pioneer in the field of optical science and material physics, specializing in micro- and nanoscale engineering for microelectronics and photonics. He is an elected member of the US National Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academia Sinica.

Prior to joining HKU, he was the inaugural Ernest S. Kuh Endowed Chair Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and the director of the Nano-scale Science and Engineering Center in the US. He has also served as the director of the materials science division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US.

“I am very much honored to have received such a prestigious award. I am deeply indebted to my students and collaborators whom I was fortunate to work with on these exciting scientific innovations,” said Zhang.


Source: University of Hong Kong.
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