WuXi STA And Antengene To Collaborate On Cancer Drug Development

Antengene is tapping on WuXi STA’s end-to-end drug development platform to accelerate the clinical testing and commercialization of cancer drugs.

AsianScientist (Jul. 27, 2018) – WuXi STA—a subsidiary of pharmaceutical and healthcare technology company WuXi AppTec—is partnering with biopharmaceutical company Antengene Corporation to accelerate drug development for oncology.

Antengene is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of new drugs in China and the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s pipeline includes several clinical-stage drug candidates, covering therapeutic areas from solid tumors and hematologic malignancies to viral infections.

WuXi STA was chosen as the strategic partner for Antengene because of its end-to-end chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) platform for drug development. The collaboration will include both clinical stage and commercial projects—starting with a candidate molecule called ATG-008 which is currently being tested in a multi-regional clinical trial for the treatment of hepatitis B virus-positive advanced hepatocellular carcinoma patients. Patient enrolment started in July 2018.

WuXi STA will provide process R&D and manufacturing from the active pharmaceutical ingredient stage to the drug product stage of development. Antengene and WuXi STA will also explore expanding the collaboration to include the commercialization of Antengene’s late-stage pipeline agents.

“We’re delighted to partner with such a well-respected, world-class CDMO as WuXi STA,” said Dr. Jay Mei, founder and CEO of Antengene, “WuXi STA’s end-to-end CMC platform enables us to focus on our research and development, and to move our drug candidates from the clinical stage to commercialization more efficiently. We look forward to a much broader collaboration in the near future.”

“Our mission is to empower and accelerate customers to get innovative drugs from the clinical to commercial stage faster and more efficiently. We are delighted to become the strategic partner of Antengene and look forward to helping them advance their drug candidates towards the clinic, bringing innovative medicines for the benefit of patients around the world,” said Dr. Chan Minzhang, CEO of WuXi STA.


Source: WuXi AppTec; Photo: Shutterstock.
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