Takeda Donates US$1 Million To Asian University For Women

The donation will be used to establish the Takeda Chair in Public Health, which aims to propel research and create opportunities for collaboration with scholars in public health.

AsianScientist (Nov. 1, 2017) – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has established a chair in public health at the Asian University for Women (AUW) in Bangladesh.

“It is our great pleasure to establish the Takeda Chair in Public Health as the first endowed chair at AUW, which provides high quality university education to hundreds of women.” said Mr. Haruhiko Hirate, Corporate Officer of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs of Takeda. “It reflects our global CSR strategy: prevention for health in developing countries, and promotion of diversity and inclusion everywhere.”

The Takeda Chair in Public Health aims to propel research and create opportunities for collaboration with scholars in public health. The Takeda Chair will also enable AUW to build upon its strengths to improve public health in developing and emerging countries, and to educate the next generation of leaders in Asia and the world. An endowed chair is the highest academic award that AUW can bestow upon a faculty member.

“AUW is delighted to establish the endowed Takeda Chair in Public Health which will support high quality programs of regional relevance to public health, foster formal linkages with the public health system to support timely and effective application of research into policies and practice, and stimulate innovative approaches in public health research and knowledge exchange,” said Professor Nirmala Rao, Vice Chancellor of AUW.

“The Chair will educate and mentor the current and next generation of public health researchers, practitioners and policy makers. Takeda’s donation will benefit AUW over the long term, rewarding exceptional academic performance and attracting the most talented faculty to AUW,” she added.


Source: Takeda; Photo: Asian University for Women.
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