7 Must-Read Stories In November 2016

Gut-inspired batteries, dengue vaccines and future-proof jobs were popular reads last month.

AsianScientist (Dec. 7, 2016) – Just in case you missed any of them, here are seven must-read stories published on Asian Scientist Magazine in November 2016.

  1. Asian Scientist Careers: 7 Future-Proof Jobs In STEM
    Replaced by a robot? Not anymore, with these future-proof jobs in booming areas such as Big Data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.
  2. Next-gen Smartphone Battery Draws Inspiration From The Gut
    Inspiration for the lithium-sulfur battery came from the cells lining the human intestine.
  3. What You Need To Know About Dengvaxia, Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengue Vaccine
    Dr. Ng Su-Peing, global medical head of Sanofi Pasteur, explains how Dengvaxia can address the burden of dengue around the world.
  4. It’s Not Always About The Money
    In defamation cases, SMU Associate Professor Gary Chan believes that a declaration of falsity should be one way for plaintiffs to clear their name.
  5. China’s Bad Air Estimated To Have Caused 1.37 Million Premature Deaths
    84 percent of China’s population lives in areas with unacceptably high air pollution, study reports.
  6. Singapore’s Reefs Surprisingly Resilient
    Dredging and land reclamation have destroyed Singapore’s reefs, but shallow areas have staged a strong comeback.
  7. CD72: A Potential Target For Treating Autoimmune Disease
    Scientists have identified a molecule that blocks the immune system from mistakenly reacting with itself.

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