Three Japanese Scientists Win Ceramics Grand Prize

Three materials scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology are the first recipients of the Prize in 28 years.

AsianScientist (Jul. 19, 2016) – Three materials scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology have been awarded the Ceramics Grand Prize. This marks the first time in 28 years that the Prize has been given out.

Professor Hideo Hosono, Professor Toshio Kamiya, and Professor Emeritus Hiroshi Kawazoe were recognized for their research into the creation and application of inorganic electronic materials.

By creating materials such as transparent P-type semiconductors and transparent amorphous oxide semiconductors, they were also instrumental in opening up the new field of transparent oxide electronics.

The Prize is awarded to researchers in recognition of their original and innovative achievements for inventions, development, or practical applications in the ceramics industry, or discoveries related to the science and technology of ceramics. It is the highest recognition granted by the Ceramic Society of Japan.

“Tokyo Tech’s research achievements in ceramics are at a world-class level, but because new trends and the fusion of research fields continue apace, it is essential that we boldly face [these] challenges. We wish to continue dedicating ourselves to research,” said Hosono on behalf of the Prize recipients.


Source: Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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