Fosun And Wenzhou TCM Hospital To Establish Geriatrics Hospital

Fosun Pharma and Wenzhou TCM hospital have joined hands to open a geriatrics hospital to help cope with the area’s rapidly aging population.

AsianScientist (Dec. 17, 2015) – A new geriatrics hospital, tentatively named Wenzhou Geriatrics Hospital, is to be jointly established by Fosun Pharma and Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The cooperation will restructure and reorganize the Dashimen Branch of Wenzhou TCM Hospital. Wenzhou Geriatrics Hospital will be jointly established in compliance with the standards of a 3A-level geriatrics specialty hospital, with 500 beds to be available within five years.

Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a 3A-level hospital, occupies a regional leading position in therapeutic areas including nephropathy, hepatopathy, gastroenteropathy, and combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Currently, it operates a total of four branches: Dashimen Headquarter, Jingshan Branch, Shuixin Branch and Liuhongqiao Branch. In 2008, Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine became an affiliated hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University.

Currently Wenzhou has no geriatrics hospital. The new geriatrics hospital is in urgent need due to the increasing demand for nursing the elderly. According to data published by Wenzhou Health and Family Planning Commission, in 2014, the population aged 60 and above amounted to 1.27 million, accounting for 15.64 percent of Wenzhou’s total population.

Wenzhou, being a pilot city of national healthcare reform, actively encourages private capital to enter the medical service industry and encourages doctors to conduct multi-sited practices with policy support.

Fosun Pharma’s cooperation with the Wenzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is one step in the exploration of establishing mixed-ownership hospitals, which will further Fosun Pharma’s regional deployment in the medical service industry and push forward the development of its medical service business.

Mr. Chen Qiyu, Chairman of Fosun Pharma said that Fosun Pharma has formed a foundation for its healthcare service business segment. It is expected that the implementation of diversified ownership in the healthcare service segment is conducive to collaboration between hospitals funded and operated by non-public resources and the resources of the public hospitals, which can benefit more patients.

Chen expected that the cooperation will establish a ‘merit hospital’ with good hardware facilities, excellent doctors and good management, making more contribution to Wenzhou’s medical service industry.


Source: Fosun Pharma; Photo: Shutterstock.
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