China-Australia Agreements To Boost Scientific Research

A trio of agreements between the countries’ universities augurs well for regional scientific development.

AsianScientist (May 12, 2014) – China and Australia may soon experience a boost in scientific output, thanks to a series of agreements signed by Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU) and universities in Australia.

STJU and the University of Sydney (U Sydney) agreed on April 29 to invest a total of AUD$2 million in a biomedical engineering alliance, further consolidating their existing research partnership. Signed by Dr. Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor of U Sydney, and Professor Jiang Sixian, Chair of the University Council at SJTU, the agreement will feature collaborations between U Sydney and SJTU.

“This alliance will bring together world-class researchers to collaborate on projects delivering transformational outcomes for both countries,” said Professor Archie Johnston, Dean of U Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, speaking to U Sydney.

Two days later, SJTU signed another agreement, this time with the University of Adelaide (U Adelaide) on agriculture and health. The memorandum of understanding, signed between U Adelaide President Professor Warren Bebbington and SJTU Vice-President Professor Wu Dan, aims to foster collaborations to meet national development targets for both Australia and China in the areas of food and wine production, soil and water conditions and a healthier population.

“We have now set the framework for the development of a vibrant new partnership that promises significant benefits for agriculture and for communities of both our nations,” Professor Bebbington told the university.

On the same day, STJU signed a third agreement with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), to promote student mobility in Australia. Apart from allowing exchanges for a combined total of 40 students from both universities every year over a period of five years, the agreement also formalizes a partnership for SJTU to join the Easy Access IP network to offer intellectual property to industry for free.

“SJTU has one of China’s most formidable industry networks of research partners,” Ms Fiona Docherty, UNSW’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International) told the university.


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