Alan Aw


Alan Aw is a maths enthusiast who likes sharing the fun and beauty of science with others. Besides reading, he enjoys running, badminton, and listening to (and occasionally playing) Bach or Zez Confrey.

Stories by Alan Aw

From Field To Fork

Science and technology play an important role in ensuring food security in Asia, says Professor Paul Teng, senior fellow at the Center for Non-Traditional Security Studies in Singapore.

The Science Of Identity

Fingerprint and retina scanners may have entered popular culture, but how widely accepted are biometric technologies and what are the issues concerning their use?

Making Smart Technologies Work For Cities

Experts from academia, industry and government discuss ways to integrate science and technology into building sustainable cities at the World Cities Summit 2014.

Broccoli Sprouts Help Detoxify Inhaled Air Pollutants

Scientists have found that daily consumption of a broccoli sprout beverage led to the increased detoxification of the air pollutants benzene and acrolein.

Absorbing Water For Clearer View

Scientists in Singapore have invented a permanent surface coating that attracts water instead of repelling it, producing clearer surfaces.

Pets Could Transmit Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Think twice before you kiss your family pet. Scientists say that household pets could be a source of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Turning Pee Into Power

Scientists have demonstrated that human urine is a potent source of carbon catalysts, which could help power supercapacitors and batteries.

Cosmic Explosions Shrouded In Dust

By detecting radio waves from molecular gas, scientists have found that galaxies hosting bright and explosive gamma ray bursts have high proportions of dust.

NTT DOCOMO Builds First Multi-Purpose Authentication Device

New device prototype by Japanese mobile solutions provider can activate smartphones or tablets for network access.