Nolato Medical Expands Beijing Production Facility

Swedish polymer manufacturer Nolato is expanding its production facility in Beijing with an additional 2,200 square meters of clean room facility.

AsianScientist (Jul. 8, 2013) – Swedish polymer manufacturer Nolato is expanding its production facility in Beijing, China with an additional 2,200 square meters of space.

The company develops and manufactures polymer product systems in medical devices, telecommunications, hygiene, automotive products and other selected industrial sectors.

Of the expanded facility, around 800 square meters will be clean room of the highest standard in accordance with ISO 14644-1:1999, class 8.

“China is the fastest growing market for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, which means that more and more of our customers are discussing expanded production in China for the Asian market,” says Christer Wahlquist, President of the Nolato Medical business area.

The expansion, which will accommodate around 30 injection moulding machines, is being made to allow Nolato to stay one step ahead of its customers and secure resources for future growth in China, says Walquist.

“Our philosophy is to be a close, long-term and reliable partner who can offer our customers global development and production facilities. The new facility will satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our customers,” he adds.

Nolato Medical has been active in China since 2008. In total, Nolato Medical has around 25,000 square meters of clean room capacity in a range of classes at nine facilities in Asia, Europe and North America.


Source: Nolato.
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