Merck Opens US$120m Manufacturing Facility In Hangzhou, China

Merck announced the opening of its new US$120 million pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China.

AsianScientist (Apr. 22, 2013) – Merck, known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada, has opened a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China.

The facility, located in the Hangzhou Economic and Technology Area (HEDA), will package Merck medicines for China and the Asia Pacific region and will become a critical part of Merck’s global supply chain.

“This new facility helps Merck to achieve our mission of helping the world be well by bringing our innovative, high-quality medicines to more patients in China,” said Willie A. Deese, executive vice president, and president of Merck Manufacturing. “It also extends our long-standing partnership with the Chinese government and our unequivocal commitment to help broaden access to quality healthcare throughout China.”

Representing a nearly US$120 million investment by Merck, the new facility follows the establishment of its Asia R&D headquarters in Beijing and a commitment to invest more than US$1.5 billion in R&D in China over the next five years.

At 75,000 square meters, the HEDA facility is capable of holding up to 16 high speed lines to package pharmaceutical tablets and sterile Merck medicines that are used to manage diabetes, cardiovascular, infectious, respiratory and bone diseases. Products used in Merck’s clinical studies and in its commercial activities to support future new product launches also will be packaged at the new HEDA plant, says the company.

“The new facility in HEDA joins an integrated, interdependent network of 72 Merck facilities that supply medicines and vaccines to more than 140 countries,” said Mr. Deese. “The HEDA facility is one of the most advanced and largest packaging facilities in China and the region.”

Merck also has three manufacturing facilities throughout the country, and a marketing and sales organization headquartered in Shanghai.


Source: Merck.
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