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Laying The Foundation For A Resilient Asia

Tapping Asia’s growing expertise in disaster risk communication, the Understanding Risk Asia 2021 conference explored how building trust is vital to building resilient communities.

Pacific States Urged To Improve On Climate Schemes: Report

The report, launched by the World Bank, outlines how incorporating climate adaptation activities into infrastructure development could reduce potential damage in future years.

Traffic Woes? Big Data To The Rescue

OpenTraffic, an open-source big data platform, provides real-time traffic data to transportation agencies and city planners in Manila in the hopes of reducing traffic congestion.

Nepal To Get US$3 Billion For Quake Reconstruction

The funds pledged by international donors are less than half of the US$6.7 billion estimated to be required for reconstruction.

Can Science Solve Poverty?

Science may never completely solve the problem of poverty, but it will not be because it did not try, writes Crispin Maslog.

Health Insurance Reduces Mortality Among India’s Poor

Government health insurance not only reduced the mortality rate by 64 percent, but also reduced out-of-pocket expenses for patients by 60 percent.

How Can Asia Protect Its Water Resources?

The economic rise of countries in Asia has created serious pressure on their water supplies, writes Justine Doody.

Study: Tripling Tobacco Taxes Could Prevent 200m Premature Deaths

Tripling tobacco tax globally would prevent 200 million premature deaths this century from lung cancer and other diseases, researchers say.

Professor Tommy Koh: The Future Of Water Today

National University of Singapore's Professor Tommy Koh highlights the importance of treasuring water and discusses solutions to conserve water.

First Ever Global Index To Measure Wellbeing Of Older People

HelpAge International and University of Southampton professor Asghar Zaidi have developed an index to measure the wellbeing of older people.