Vaccination Without The Needles

Scientists in Australia have developed a device that delivers the polio vaccine via a skin patch.

A Tale Of Two Vaccines

Vaccines that prevent cancer are now a reality. Yet, not everyone has jumped at the opportunity to get immunized. Jeremy Chan investigates why.

Editor’s Note – July 2017 Print Magazine

In this issue of Asian Scientist Magazine, we turn the spotlight on immunotherapy and how it is being used to fight cancer.

Immune Cells In A Tug Of War For Survival

To survive and maintain immune memory, T-cells need to compete with innate lymphoid cells for a key protein called IL-7.

Beating Dengue Is In Your DNA (Vaccine)

A DNA-based vaccine against dengue, which would not require cold chain transport, has been shown to protect mice against two out of the four strains of dengue virus.

7 Must-Read Stories In June 2017

Climate change, solar energy and disease were key issues in the month of June.

Toward A Therapeutic Vaccine For Hepatitis B

Scientists are developing a much needed therapeutic vaccine against hepatitis B that could also treat chronic hepatitis.

Extending The Range Of Diseases Covered By A Rice-Based Vaccine

Astellas and the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo are expanding the range of diseases that can be covered by their rice-based oral vaccine, MucoRice.

Astellas And Affinivax Team Up For Vaccine Against Pneumococcal Disease

The collaboration centers on Affinivax's multiple antigen presenting system to develop a vaccine targeted against pneumococcal disease.