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Generating Electricity From Temperature Fluctuations

Scientists in Japan have devised a thermoelectric battery that can convert heat into electricity even with a shallow temperature gradient.

The Link Between Diet, Longevity and Sex In Worms

Scientists in Japan have discovered that caloric restriction confers longevity to hermaphrodite worms but not male worms.

Why Boredom Makes You Sleepy

In a collaborative study, researchers have found that a part of the brain that is associated with motivation and pleasure can also regulate sleep.

Marijuana Abuse Induces Life-Threatening Seizures

Scientists in Japan have discovered that natural and synthetic cannabinoids can trigger seizures in mice.

CRISPR Editing Alters Flower Color

The ability to change the color of the Japanese morning glory demonstrates the specificity of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system.

The Secret To A Sound Sleep Lies In Sugarcane

A substance commonly found in sugarcane, rice bran and wheat germ can reduce stress and restore sleep in mice.

Seeing Beyond The Bacterial Cell Wall

Live cell imaging shows that membrane vesicles can squeeze through tiny holes in the thick cell walls of Gram-positive bacteria.

2-In-1 Battery Stores Energy & Captures Carbon

While trying to develop a lithium-air battery, scientists stumbled upon a method to create solid carbon dust from carbon dioxide.

The Neural Link Between Anxiety And Sleep

Activating neurons in a region of the brain linked to fear and anxiety can cause mice to wake up from non-rapid eye movement sleep.