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Three-Hour Mating Sessions Exhaust Squid, Say Scientists

Southern dumpling squid engage in up to three hours of mating with each partner, but researchers have found that this results in a reduced ability to swim for up to 30 minutes afterwards.

Chicken Vaccines Combined To Form Deadly Infectious Viruses

Researchers in Australia have shown that two different viral vaccines - used simultaneously in chickens - have combined to produce new infectious viruses.

Owning A Home Does Not Make You Happier, Study

An Australian study led by the University of Adelaide has debunked the belief that owning a home is a recipe for happiness.

A Dark Chocolate A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

In fantastic news for all chocolate lovers around the world, researchers say that a daily dose of dark chocolate may lower the risk of stroke and heart attack over a ten-year period.

Australasia Temperatures Increased Sharply Since 1950s, Study

By studying natural climate records over 1,000 years, scientists have found evidence for human-caused climate change in the Australasian region since 1950.

New Study Shows Colorful Bird Populations Evolve Faster

Researchers have found that bird species with multiple plumage color forms within in the same population, evolve into new species faster than those with only one color form.

Scientists Discover New Breast Cancer Risk Gene, XRCC2

An international team of researchers has used new technology to fast track the discovery of a breast cancer risk gene, XRCC2.

Combination Drug Treatment May Reduce Malaria Infection By 30 Percent, Study

A three-year clinical trial that used a combination of antimalarial drugs reduced malaria infections in infants by up to 30 percent without suppressing natural immunity.

Stone Age Fossils Of Red-Deer Cave People Discovered In Maludong, China

Researchers have discovered fossils of Stone Age people in China, nicknamed Red-deer Cave people because they hunted extinct red deer and cooked them in caves at Maludong.