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China’s Coral Crisis

Coral abundance around mainland China and Hainan Island has declined by at least 80 percent over the past 30 years. Can anything be done to stop this trend?

Cassava, Southeast Asia’s Rambo Root, Threatened By Invasive Pest Outbreaks

Cassava - a key crop for tapioca, animal feed, and biofuels - faces pest risks, according to new research discussed at the Climate Smart Agriculture Conference in Bangkok.

Asia-Pacific: Gains Against Poverty, Slow On Maternal Deaths

The Asia-Pacific region has made big gains in reducing poverty, but still has high levels of hunger as well as child and maternal mortality, said a new report released this week.

Fiji Battles Heavy Floods During 15-Day State Of Disaster

A 15-day state of disaster is currently in effect on the west coast of Fiji that has been ravaged by floods since January 22.

10,000 Solar-Powered ATM Machines To Supply Cash To India’s Rural Poor

Vortex Engineering will provide solar-powered ATM machines to India's rural poor as part of its commitment to the Business Call to Action initiative that encourages private sector efforts to fight poverty.

Indian Environmentalist Dr. Ashok Khosla Receives WWF Conservation Medal

Dr. Ashok Khosla OBE, one of the world’s leading experts on the environment and sustainable development, has been awarded the 2011 WWF Duke of Edinburgh Conservation Medal.

Needle-Free Flu Vaccine May Provide Immunity To H1 & H5 Influenza Virus

Korean scientists have discovered that an antigen common to most influenza viruses, called the matrix protein 2, could protect mice against various flu viruses when administered under the tongue.

UNICEF: Greater Investment In Youth Vital For Asia-Pacific Economic Development

UNICEF and the Asia-Pacific Interagency Group on Youth have called on regional governments to focus on the Asia-Pacific’s 1.1 billion young people.

WWF Freshwater Director, Dr. Li Lifeng, Talks To Asian Scientist Magazine

Asian Scientist Magazine chats with Dr. Li Lifeng, Director of the WWF International Freshwater Program, who tells us that solving the water, energy, and food equation for the world has to be a global priority.

Julia Gillard Appoints Penny Williams As Global Ambassador For Women And Girls

The Julia Gillard Government today announced the appointment of career diplomat Penny Williams as Australia’s first Global Ambassador for Women and Girls.