tissue engineering

Printing Organs On-Demand With Safe Bioink

Scientists from South Korea have created a novel bioink compatible with the human body, enabling complex yet safe 3D printing of tissues and organs.

artificial blood vessel

Ensuring Transplant Success With Artificial Blood Vessels

To reduce the risk of a rejected organ transplant, a team from South Korea has built an artificial blood vessel platform that mimics real blood flow and clotting.

Scientists Develop A Hair-Raising Protocol

By encapsulating hair follicle stem cells in collagen and growing them with skin cells in a U-shaped well plate array, researchers in Japan have found a way to grow hair at scale for transplantation.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Nguyen Thi Hiep

Dr. Nguyen Thị Hiep is on a mission to promote tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in her home country of Vietnam.

Engineering Blood Vessels Using Shape-Morphing Scaffolds

Researchers have developed a shape-morphing scaffold that can be used to create three-dimensional blood vessel grafts.

Doubling Down On Bone Repair

Japanese researchers have developed a technique that increases the speed of bone repair through a double-layered cell transfer technology.

Could A Pill Be Used To Rebuild The Liver? (VIDEO)

Researchers have discovered a small molecule inhibitor that promotes liver tissue regeneration, which may pave the way for medicines that help to rebuild organs.

Scientists Grow Tissues Resembling Human Mid-Brains

Grown from stem cells in the laboratory, these mid-brain structures could one day be used to test drugs for aging-related brain disorders.

Biomaterials ‘Spin’ Doctor

In somewhat of a happy accident, Teoh Swee Hin was inspired by a pregnant graduate student to develop a cell bioreactor that rotates like a baby in the mother’s womb.

Need A New Kidney? Let’s Regenerate One!

Under the correct conditions, kidney progenitor cells can be induced to produce more glomeruli and tubules, the building blocks of the kidney.