Climate Change Promotes Pika Grazing And Grassland Degradation In Tibet

A warmer climate over the Tibetan plateau may result in alpine grassland degradation by decreasing plant growth and increasing pika grazing.

Traditional Tibetan Medicine Laden With Mercury

High levels of toxic methylmercury are found in traditional Tibetan medicine, say Chinese scientists.

Tibetans Breathe Easy With Gene From Extinct Humans

A specific mutation in the EPAS1 gene inherited from extinct hominids known as Denisovans could have helped Tibetans adapt to life at high altitudes.

The Billion Dollar Cashmere Industry And Its Impact In Central Asia

The multi-billion dollar global cashmere industry is placing native wild animals in Central Asia at risk, finds a new study.

Tibet Gets Its First Professional Telescope

Tibet will soon have its first professional radio telescope, based at the Yangbajain Astronomical Observatory near the capital of Lhasa.

Meditation Allows Brain To Control Body Temperature, Say Scientists

Scientists report that the meditating brain can control core body temperature, a finding that could help in boosting immunity to fight infectious diseases or immunodeficiency.

Caterpillar Fungi Could Have Anti-inflammatory Benefits

Scientists have discovered that a compound called cordycepin from caterpillar fungi may have anti-inflammatory properties.

Australia To Spend AU$100m On Malaria Research

Foreign Minister Bob Carr today announced that Australia will spend more than AU$100 million over the next four years to fund malaria programs in the Asia-Pacific region.

Tibet Has Cleanest Air On Earth, Study

A new study has found that Tibetans around the sacred Nam Co Lake in Tibet breathe in almost perfectly clean air.

No Blue Pill Please: Caterpillar Fungus Viagra In The Himalayas

The seasonal influx of migrant harvesters into Nepal's Himalaya Mountains seeking a caterpillar fungus aphrodisiac is damaging the rural border with Tibet.