Bidding Adieu To SMU’s Taxation Center

As the SMU-TA Center for Excellence in Taxation draws to a close, Centre Director Associate Professor Goh Beng Wee discusses how it has contributed to the international taxation community.

Need Information? Just Ask The Auditors

With their extensive knowledge of firms’ inner workings, auditors can act as a conduit for the dissemination of tax savings strategies between companies, says SMU Associate Professor Lim Chee Yeow.

Five Asian Companies Named WEF Technology Pioneers In 2018

Five companies in Asia have joined a global community of technology pioneers in recognition of their potentially world-changing innovations and technologies.

Taxation In The Time Of Technology

While tax systems must evolve to keep pace with the digital economy, maintaining a resilient tax base also involves ensuring that no company or individual is left behind, say panelists at the SMU-Tax Academy Center for Excellence in Taxation’s conference.

A Delicate Balance: Tax Competition Versus Cooperation

Tax administrators want to maximise the amount of revenue collected without stifling the county’s competitiveness as a business destination. How should ASEAN countries navigate changing international conditions to meet this goal?