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    Bidding Adieu To SMU’s Taxation Center

    As the SMU-TA Center for Excellence in Taxation draws to a close, Centre Director Associate Professor Goh Beng Wee discusses how it has contributed to the international taxation community.

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    Need Information? Just Ask The Auditors

    With their extensive knowledge of firms’ inner workings, auditors can act as a conduit for the dissemination of tax savings strategies between companies, says SMU Associate Professor Lim Chee Yeow.

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    Taxation In The Time Of Technology

    While tax systems must evolve to keep pace with the digital economy, maintaining a resilient tax base also involves ensuring that no company or individual is left behind, say panelists at the SMU-Tax Academy Center for Excellence in Taxation’s conference.

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    A Delicate Balance: Tax Competition Versus Cooperation

    Tax administrators want to maximise the amount of revenue collected without stifling the county’s competitiveness as a business destination. How should ASEAN countries navigate changing international conditions to meet this goal?