t cell therapy

Tasuku Honjo Wins 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Professor Tasuku Honjo was recognized for his discovery of PD-1, which paved the way for modern cancer immunotherapy.

Tessa Therapeutics Raises US$80 Million In Funding

Proceeds from the latest funding round will be used to further develop Tessa’s solid tumor immunotherapy pipeline.

When T Spells Trouble For Cancer

The world’s largest clinical trial of T-cells for cancer is being conducted by a Singapore-based biotech company, Tessa Therapeutics. Sim Shuzhen finds out more.

WuXi AppTec & Juno Therapeutics Set Up Cell Therapy Company

US-based biopharmaceutical Juno Therapeutics and China-based open-access R&D company, WuXi AppTec, have joined forces in setting up a cell therapy company.

Targeting Cholesterol To Make T-Cells Better Tumor Killers

A drug already in human trials to treat atherosclerosis could also boost killer T-cell activity against tumors, researchers say.

Green Cross To Build New Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility In China

The new Green Cross cell therapy manufacturing facility will be located at the Guian New Area in the Guizhou province.

WuXi To Build Third Cell Therapy Facility

The company's third cell therapy manufacturing facility will focus on chimeric antigen receptor T cells for cancer immunotherapy.

CBMG Acquires Novel T-Cell Therapy Technology

The CAR-T cell therapy developed at the Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital uses cancer patient's own immune cells to attack tumors.

Agreen Acquisition Enhances CBMG’s T-Cell Portfolio

China's Cellular Biomedicine Group acquires Agreen for US$3.38 million in cash in addition to stock units.