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7 Must-Read Stories In July 2016

A list of India’s top scientists and features on Singapore’s scientific pioneers made for popular reads in July 2016.

What’s Different About Asia?

Upon learning firsthand that Asian and Caucasian patients responded differently to cancer drugs, John Wong founded the Cancer Therapeutics Research Group to study these differences.

Beach-Comber, Wave-Watcher

A self-described “professional beach bum,” Wong Poh Poh was one of the first geographers to carve out a niche in coastal tourism.

The Accidental Internet Pioneer

Tan Tin Wee brought the wonders of the Internet to Singapore in the 90’s—starting with a videocast of the 1994 National Day Parade for those living or working overseas.

A (Dino) Bone To Pick

Leo Tan, professor of biology at the National University of Singapore, was instrumental to the opening of Singapore's first natural history museum.

A Steady Hand At The Helm

When Singapore was struggling with the SARS outbreak in 2003, ex-director of medical services Tan Chorh Chuan had to make some difficult—but necessary—decisions.

A Laser-Focussed Life

From protecting the navy’s ships to boosting Singapore’s electronic warfare capabilities, Professor Su Guaning has been decorated many times for his pioneering defence research.

Tea And Mitochondria

It is only fitting that ex-biochemistry professor, Sit Kim Ping, weaves terms such as “mitochondria” and “ATP” into her handmade quilts.

7 Must-Read Stories In March 2016

From the effects of impatience on your cells to the solar eclipse that fascinated Indonesians, here are the most-clicked stories in March.

Building A Treasure Chest Of Medical Data

Professor Kanagaratnam Shanmugaratnam set up the Singapore Cancer Registry in 1967, a time when everything had to be done by hand; this meant meticulously transferring decades of data to now-obsolete punch cards.