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Revolutionizing Immunology With ImmunoScape’s Deep Immunomics Platform

From cancer to COVID-19, ImmunoScape’s Deep Immunomics platform sheds new light on individual responses to treatments and vaccines, creating breakthroughs in the fight against disease.

Some Uninfected People Have T-Cell Immunity To COVID-19

Researchers were surprised to find memory T-cells in people with no history of SARS, COVID-19, or contact with SARS or COVID-19 patients.

Singapore And South Korea To Tackle Skin Disorders And Cancer

This multi-institutional effort draws upon deep capabilities in skin research and cancer biology from Singapore and South Korea.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Invests US$3.9 Million In Singapore R&D

Three Singapore-based teams working on myopia, cancer and liver disease will receive funding over the next three years.

Going Anti-Dengue With Antibodies

Therapeutic antibodies offer promising new options for treating infectious diseases, including dengue, writes immunologist Dr Katja Fink.

How Fetuses Fight Infections Without Attacking Mom

Fetuses have immune cells that can launch an effective attack against infectious agents and yet do not react against maternal cells.

Tessa Therapeutics Completes Acquisition of Euchloe Bio

Tessa Therapeutics has fully acquired Euchloe Bio, a biotech company focused on developing and commercializing therapeutic antibodies.

Repurposed Drug Straightens Out Chikugunya

Researchers from Singapore have shown that an existing immune suppressing drug can be used to treat debilitating joint pain caused by the mosquito-borne virus.

New Genetic Paradigm Might Pave The Way For Better Drug Targets

When faced with a lack of certain ‘essential’ genes, yeast cells can cope by simply doubling up their chromosomes.

Tracing The Dendritic Cell Family Tree

A single-cell RNA sequencing study has shown that dendritic cells are already committed to their downstream lineages in the bone marrow.