renewable fuel

NTU Singapore Launches Region’s First Maritime Energy Test Bed

The Maritime Energy Test Bed will help develop green solutions for the shipping industry and serve as an educational platform for students.

Splitting Hydrogen With Nanowire Mesh

Taking a leaf out of the paper industry, researchers have developed a nanotechnology-based system that uses light to split water.

Increasing Coal Tax Will Scale Up Indian Renewables

Pallav Purohit looks at the range of measures the Indian government has put in place to boost the adoption of renewable energy.

Replicating Photosynthesis For Sustainable Fuels

The discovery of a protein that can mimic photosynthesis could lead to a cheaper and safer way of manufacturing hydrogen fuel.

Renewables Ready To Supply All Australia’s Electricity

Professor Mark Diesendorf argues that relying fully on renewable energy is not only feasible but also cost competitive.

India Bets On Renewable Energy & Biotech

India's science budget sees a marginal increase, focused mainly on large solar power plants and biotechnology clusters.

Lemons Fly As Jet Fuel Of The Future

A researcher in Australia hopes to use a chemical found in lemons and other citrus fruits to make clean, renewable jet fuel.