pohang university of science and technology

Sensing COVID-19 In Just 30 Minutes

A test designed by scientists from South Korea can detect SARS-CoV-2 and other harmful microorganisms in about 30 minutes.

Why Volcanic Eruptions Reduce Rainfall

The stronger the El Niño warming triggered by a volcanic eruption, the greater the subsequent reduction in global rainfall, researchers say.

Smart Contact Lenses Help Manage Diabetes

Researchers in South Korea have developed smart contact lenses that can diagnose and treat diabetes.

The Sticky Truth Behind Mussels’ Adhesive Power

A research group in South Korea has identified how mussel 'glue' is so sticky even under water.

Metamaterials Designed By Deep Learning

Designing metamaterials just got easier and more systematic with this deep learning program developed by researchers in South Korea.

A Wearable Voice Recognition Sensor

A Korean research group has developed a skin-attachable vibration sensor for voice recognition.

3D Printing A Better Artificial Cornea

A research team in South Korea has used 3D printing to fabricate a transparent cornea by mimicking human corneal structure.

East Asian Universities Remain Asia’s Most Innovative

Universities in South Korea, Japan and China make up the majority of Reuters' Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities list.

Cactus Roots Inspire Water Absorbing Material

Inspired by the structure of cactus roots, researchers have developed a material that can absorb water 930 times faster than it loses water by evaporation.

Detecting Amphetamines On The Spot

Scientists in Korea have developed a fast, sensitive and portable sensor for on-site detection of amphetamines in urine.