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India’s Mangalyaan Mission To Head To Mars In November 2013

India is all set for its maiden November 2013 launch, said top space official, Professor U. R. Rao of the Physical Research Laboratory.

Scientists Discover Volcanic Activity In Moon’s Tycho Crater

Contrary to the popular theory, the moon had a lot of volcanic activity and was not a dead place, according to India's Chandrayaan-1 and NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Indian Mars Mission Receives Ten-Fold Budget Increase To Rs. 125 Crores

India's mission to Mars received a major boost on Friday during the Union Budget announcement, with the budgetary allocation rocketing more than ten-fold to Rs. 125 crores (US$24.9 million).

Indian Scientists Design Wireless Sensor Network To Find Water & Ice On Moon

Scientists of the Ahmedabad-based Physical Research Laboratory, an ISRO affiliate, are designing a new method of finding water and ice on the moon.

India Can Go To Mars, Says PRL Director J. N. Goswami

At a four-day space meet in Tirupati, top space scientists from the ISRO and PRL discussed India's mission to Mars.

Scientists At India’s Physical Research Laboratory Embark On Planet Hunting Mission

Indian space scientists are hunting for planets several tens of light years away (10 to 100 light years away), some of which may even lie within the habitable zone.

Indian Scientists Propose 10 Experiments For 2013 Mission To Mars

A Indian mission to Mars is taking shape with space scientists proposing 10 experiments, mostly related to the study of the Red Planet's atmosphere.