Parasitic Wasps Control Spider Web-Weaving Abilities

Parasitic wasps can turn spiders into their zombie slaves, manipulating their web-weaving abilities to protect the wasp larvae.

Parasitic Roundworm Has Its Genome Sequenced

The Toxocara canis genome will be a useful resource for developing treatments against parasitic diseases that predominantly affect the developing world.

Got Celiac Disease? Have Some Hookworms!

Hookworms could help celiac disease patients increase their tolerance to gluten, study shows.

“Worm Pill” Could Ease Autoimmune Symptoms

Scientists have isolated a compound from parasitic worms which could be used to dampen the immune response.

Asian Liver Fluke Genome Sequenced

The genome of the Asian liver fluke, a parasite that can cause bile duct cancer and infects millions in Asia, has been sequenced.

US$12 Million In Grants Awarded For Neglected Diseases

Japan's Global Health Initiative Technology Fund has committed US$12 million in grants for neglected diseases and a potential tuberculosis vaccine.

The Public Health Cost Of Quasi-Science

Speculation about scientific theories without studying the facts may have negative public health consequences. Shuzhen Sim examines why.

Magic Glasses Cartoon Halved Worm Infections In Chinese Schoolchildren

Researchers in China and Australia have reported huge success with a cartoon DVD promoting hygiene across rural China.

Ocean Temperatures Give Early Warning Of Indian Malaria

Researchers have developed a model that allows malaria epidemics in arid northwest India to be predicted four months in advance.