How Working Memory Works

Scientists at the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences have pinpointed the brain region involved in working memory in mice.

Fruit Fly Lights Up Brain Wiring

A study in flies shows that alternative splicing could be one explanation for the complexity of the brain.

30 Min Of Exercise Enough To Benefit Brain

Just one thirty minute exercise session is sufficient to trigger brain changes that boost memory, research shows.

Hiroshi Hamada Wins 2014 Keio Medical Science Prize

Two neuroscientists have been awarded this year's Keio Medical Science Prize: Professors Hiroshi Hamada and Karl Deisseroth.

How The Brain Makes Snap Judgments

Research shows that we make split second judgments about what we see, even if we are not conscious of them.

Curiosity Changes The Brain To Enhance Learning

Those who are curious about a topic will not only want to know more, but will also remember more.

Why ADHD Brains Don’t Get Facial Expressions

A non-invasive technique reveals that the brains of ADHD children respond to happy faces but not angry ones.

A Novel Gene Behind Spinocerebellar Ataxia

The discovery of the SCA40 mutation could lead to new therapies for spinocerebellar ataxia, a disease for which there is currently no effective treatment.

Gloss Or Not? How Monkeys Tell The Difference

How glossy a surface is can be defined by three parameters that are recognized in specific parts of the temporal context, scientists say.