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Materials Design Gets An AI Upgrade

Scientists in Japan and the US have integrated natural language processing and deep learning to design materials with desirable properties.

Informing The Search For Superconducting Materials

Scientists in Japan have used data science methodologies to discover and develop superconducting materials.

Ion-Based AI Makes Smart Decisions

A research group in Japan has invented an ionic device that can make decisions based on electrochemical phenomena.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Yukiko Ogawa

Get to know Dr. Yukiko Ogawa and the story behind how she helps improve fields like medicine and transport, one smart material at a time.

Diamond Circuits Can Take The Heat

Researchers in Japan have developed a hydrogenated diamond circuit that remains operational at 300 degrees Celsius.

Nature Index: Japan’s R&D Performance Strong But Declining

Although still one of the world's elite in R&D, Japan might risk losing its spot if it can't resolve the downward trend in research productivity, report says.

The Healing Hug Of A Nanofiber Mesh

Researchers have developed a soft, biodegradable mesh that can release vitamin B12 at the site of injury to help nerves to regenerate and restore their function.

Scientists Print Ultrathin Circuits Using Metal Nanoparticles

This printing technique can be used to form electronic circuits and thin-film transistors that are one millionth of a meter wide.

12 Scientists Recognized At Japan Research Front Awards

These scientists were recently recognized for their research at the Japan Research Front Awards 2016.

Wider Wavelengths For Perovskite Solar Cells

By mixing two distinct cation-based perovskite materials, scientists were able to generate a high quality perovskite material capable of absorbing longer wavelengths of light.