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Clinical Trial Uses South Pacific Plant Kava To Treat Anxiety

An Australian clinical study has shown that Kava, a medicinal South Pacific plant, significantly reduced the symptoms of people suffering from anxiety.

Magic Glasses Cartoon Halved Worm Infections In Chinese Schoolchildren

Researchers in China and Australia have reported huge success with a cartoon DVD promoting hygiene across rural China.

Fainting Spells May Be Linked To Just One Gene

A new study has revealed that fainting may be genetic and, in some families, only one gene may be responsible.

OPINION: Australian R&D Doesn’t Punch Above Its Weight

Is it true that Australia punches above its weight in terms of global research? Merlin Crossley, Dean of Science at the University of New South Wales, discusses.

Of Mice & Men: Role Of Mice In Biomedical Research Questioned

A new study in PNAS raises questions about the fundamental role of mice in biomedical research.

Hormones Can Change DNA In Breast Cells, Study

Scientists in Australia have discovered how female steroid hormones can make dramatic changes to the genetic material in breast cells.

Structure Of Insulin Bound To Receptor Revealed

Researchers have solved the structure of insulin bound to its receptor, the first time that this structure has been visualized.

Youth With Bipolar Disorder Risk Respond Less To Emotions, Study

Young people with a known risk of bipolar disorder show reduced reaction to facial emotions, according to a new study.

Chief Scientist Releases Plan For Australia’s Research

Chief Scientist Ian Chubb has launched the National Research Investment Plan, which sets new guidelines for Australian research investment.