nasopharyngeal cancer

Renowned Pathologist K. Shanmugaratnam Dies At 97 (In Memoriam)

Shanmugaratnam established the Singapore Cancer Registry in 1967, and continued to consult and teach at Singapore’s National University Hospital well into his nineties.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Tan Min-Han (VIDEO)

Dr. Tan Min-Han is on a mission to improve the detection of cancer using liquid biopsies.

Tessa Therapeutics Raises US$80 Million In Funding

Proceeds from the latest funding round will be used to further develop Tessa’s solid tumor immunotherapy pipeline.

When T Spells Trouble For Cancer

The world’s largest clinical trial of T-cells for cancer is being conducted by a Singapore-based biotech company, Tessa Therapeutics. Sim Shuzhen finds out more.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Nethia Mohana Kumaran

Dr. Nethia Mohana Kumaran dreams of a future where cancer is treated according to its mutations, using targeted therapy rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy.

Genetic Landscape Of ‘Cantonese Cancer’ Mapped

A study of over 100 nasopharyngeal cancer patients has uncovered the genetic basis of the disease and identified possible drug targets.

Smoking Increases Risk Of Nasopharyngeal Cancer Relapse

Survivors of nasopharyngeal carcinoma who are former or current smokers are more likely to have their disease progress, relapse, or spread, according to a study.

Predictor Of Deadly Cancer Common In Asia Discovered

Researchers have identified a novel prognostic indicator in one of the most common malignant tumors in southern China and Southeast Asia.