metallic organic frameworks

All-women Philippine Team Wins UNESCO Sustainable Engineering Hackathon

WONDERPETS from the Philippines devised a sustainable way to reduce water pollution. We are celebrating their UNESCO hackathon victory today on International Women’s Day.

Turning Plastic Bottles Into Antibiotic Sponges

Researchers in South Korea have used waste PET bottles to create an adsorbent material for the removal of antibiotics from water.

Hybrid Nanogels Turn Up The Heat On Cancer Cells

Chinese researchers have synthesized hybrid nanogels that possess tumor-killing properties and can be used as a contrast agent in magnetic resonance imaging.

An Ultra-Fast And Highly Sensitive Hydrogen Sensor

Scientists in Korea have developed an ultra-fast and highly sensitive hydrogen gas sensor which can detect hydrogen levels under one percent in less than seven seconds.

Designer Crystals For Next-Gen Electronics

Crystals of metallic organic frameworks with extremely large surface area could revolutionize electronics, researchers say.

Future Batteries: Lithium-Sulfur with a Graphene Wrapper

Scientists have used a graphene wrapper to improve the efficiency and stability of lithium-sulphur batteries.

Coating To Improve MOF Stability

A simple method to make metallic organic frameworks moisture-stable paves the way for future applications.