Vaccine Could Prolong Melanoma Patient Survival

A ten-year study shows that a vaccine called vaccina melanoma cell lysate could help prolong the lives of late stage skin cancer patients.

Natural Killer Cells Activated By Bacteria Also Fight Cancer

A new study shows that bacteria-activated NK cells participate in the anti-tumor immune response.

Gene Mutation Links Asian & European Ancestors

A new study has shown how a specific mutation in the SLC24A5 gene provides evidence of shared ancestry of Asians with Europeans.

Dz13 Drug Targets Skin Cancer In Clinical Trial

A new class of drug has been found to be safe in a clinical trial of patients with the common skin cancer, basal-cell carcinoma.

Skin Cancer Found In Great Barrier Reef Fish

Scientists have identified skin cancer in the Great Barrier Reef’s wild fish populations which is almost identical to melanomas found in humans.

Dabrafenib Shrinks Melanoma Brain Metastases In Early Trial

Australian researchers have reported promising results with a new drug that shrinks brain tumors in advanced cases of melanoma.

CK Life Sciences Receives FDA Clearance For PhIII Melanoma Vaccine Trial

CK Life Sciences subsidiary Polynoma LLC has received FDA clearance for Phase III clinical testing of its melanoma vaccine.

Tanning Booths Are Cancer Incubators, Researchers Say

A New South Wales government decision to ban solariums has been welcomed by University of Sydney researchers whose study contributed to the move.

Australian Researchers Discover Gene Variant That Increases Melanoma Risk

Scientists have discovered that a variant in the MITF gene - a gene responsible for regulating pigmentation and melanoma development - can significantly increase the risk of melanoma.

Older New Zealanders Underestimate Their Risk Of Deadly Skin Cancer

New Zealanders aged 60 and over falsely believe they are at low risk of the fatal skin cancer melanoma, according to a new study.