marine science

5 Ways Supercomputers Help Advance Science

Supercomputers are helping scientists simulate scientific processes, make predictions and create data-based solutions, tackling the biggest scientific questions one calculation at a time.

Whale Shark Tourism Harms Coral Reefs

Whale shark tourism has lowered coral density and diversity off the coast of Tan-awan in the Philippines.

A Blueprint For Blue Waters

The 2018 Singapore Blue Plan sets out recommendations for conserving biodiversity in Singapore’s marine environment.

The Problematic Persistence Of Nanoplastic Pollution

A team of marine biologists has found that nanoplastics accumulate in marine organisms, potentially harming aquatic food chains as well as human health.

7 Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures Discovered In Indonesian Waters

Scientists from the South Java Deep Sea Biodiversity Expedition 2018 have released preliminary findings from their 14-day exploration of the deep sea off the coast of West Java.

Setting Sail To Explore West Java’s Marine Biodiversity

A joint team of scientists from Singapore and Indonesia has embarked on the first-ever expedition to explore biodiversity in the deep seas of West Java.

Ocean Acidification Puts Corals At Risk

Scientists in Japan have discovered that ocean acidification inhibits the formation of calcium carbonate skeletons in corals, highlighting yet another detrimental impact of human activity on ocean ecosystems.

The Secret Of Sea Cucumber Regeneration

Scientists in China have peered into the sea cucumber’s genome to identify genes that might be responsible for its superior regenerative capabilities.

Taking To TED To Champion The Cause Of Clams (VIDEO)

Dr. Neo Mei Lin shares her journey from scientist to science communicator to give a voice to giant clams.