lithium ion batteries

An A-Peeling Way To Recycle Batteries

Orange peels are an environmentally-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals and high temperatures used in conventional lithium-ion battery recycling processes.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Revolution

Lithium-ion battery recycling could help to address the need for more raw materials while keeping toxic battery waste out of landfills.

2019 Nobel Prize In Chemistry Awarded To Akira Yoshino

Professor Akira Yoshino created the first commercially viable lithium ion battery in 1985.

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Power Up With Titanium Nitride

By creating a conductive and robust host for sulfur, researchers in South Korea have found a way to improve the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries.

Sodium May Replace Lithium In Rechargeable Batteries

Combining computational and experimental approaches, scientists in Japan have identified a compound that boosts sodium-ion battery performance.

7 Must-Read Stories In June 2018

Health threats like Nipah virus infection, cancer and Parkinson's disease weighed on the minds of readers in June 2018.

Akira Yoshino: Inventing The Lithium Ion Battery

Dr. Akira Yoshino, father of the modern lithium ion battery and 2018 Japan Prize laureate, talks to Asian Scientist Magazine about energy, the future of cars and how curiosity makes a career.

How Magnesium Makes For Safer Batteries

Scientists in Japan have found that adding a magnesium salt to lithium batteries makes them safer to use.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: C. C. Chan

A pioneer in electric vehicle research, Professor C. C. Chan shares how a conducive ecosystem can be created for the future of mobility.

Akira Yoshino Wins 2018 Japan Prize For Lithium Battery Breakthrough

Dr. Akira Yoshino, President of the Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Evaluation Center at Asahi Kasei, has been awarded the 2018 Japan Prize for his invention of lithium-ion batteries.