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Weight Change In Elderly Linked To Dementia Risk

Rapid weight change—a ten percent or higher increase or decrease in BMI—over a two-year period raises dementia risk, say researchers in South Korea.

Flexible Keyboards Made Cheap & Crushable

A team of scientists in South Korea have developed a flexible keyboard that can withstand folding and crumpling.

Flick The Switch For Bacteria-Made Biofuels

Using in silico modeling and simulation, scientists have engineered a more efficient enzyme for the production of n-butanol in bacteria.

Flexible Hybrid Films For Longer Lasting Displays

Scientists have developed hybrid films that could be used to make flexible touch screens on electronic devices.

Don’t Throw Out Your Garlic Sprouts

Sprouted garlic contains many antioxidants that may boost the immune system and promote a healthy heart, according to a study.

Gene Variations Linked To Lung Cancer In Asian Women

An international group of scientists has identified three genetic regions that predispose Asian women who have never smoked to lung cancer.