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Finding The Fountain Of Youth In The Gut

The Japanese secret to a long and healthy life isn’t just ikigai. In centenarians, gut microbiomes may help block harmful bacteria and promote longevity.

Longevity In A Bottle

With an understanding of the fundamental biological processes that drive aging, researchers are now searching for drugs that could prolong life.

New Tardigrade Species Found In Japanese Carpark

Scientists have characterized a new species of tardigrade found hiding in moss collected from a carpark in Japan.

Eisai & Keio University To Pursue Innovation In Dementia Drugs

The collaboration taps on Keio University's strengths in iPS technology and supercentenarian research.

Here’s Why Our Skin Doesn’t Leak

Epidermal cells look like a flattened version of a tetrakaidecahedron—a 14-sided, 3D solid made out of six rectangular and eight hexagonal sides.

Mathematical Model Captures DNA Dynamics In Living Human Cells

Surprisingly, the genome as a whole is actually an active molecule that moves around and changes shape; researchers have now attempted to describe this movement.

Tasuku Honjo Wins 2016 Keio Medical Science Prize

Honjo was recognized for his discovery of PD-1, a negative regulator of immune responses, as well as his subsequent work in the field of immunotherapy.

Stem Cell Therapy Marketing Rife In Rich Countries: Study

Advanced economies such as Singapore and Japan are home to stem cell clinics that engage in murky marketing practices, a study shows.

How Obesity Contributes To Severe Infections

In obese mice, deficiencies in a hormone secreted by fat cells impair the formation of infection-fighting white blood cells, researchers have found.

Pac-Man Receptor Can Be ‘Switched’ On And Off

Researchers have genetically engineered glutamate receptors to activate and deactivate on demand.