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A Flashy Trip Down Memory Lane

A novel memory device built by a Taiwan-Japan research team using perovskite material could enable seamless storage and high-speed data transfer.

A Closer Look Into The Ryugu Asteroid

Primordial material taken from the asteroid Ryugu could shed light on the origins and evolution of the Solar System, including life on Earth.

The Maverick Who Gave Machines The Gift Of Sight

Professor Kunihiko Fukushima took inspiration from the biological brain to create one of the first artificial neural networks. Here’s how he continues to advance the world of artificial intelligence.

The Mutation Behind The Delta Variant’s Severity

A mutation in the spike protein enhances the Delta variant's ability to fuse with host cells, resulting in more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Measuring Blood Alcohol Levels Through The Ears

A new device that fits over a person's ears can measure real-time changes in blood alcohol levels through the skin.

Space Mice Reveal Why Muscles Waste Away In Space

Exposing mice aboard the International Space Station to artificial gravity has revealed the molecular mechanisms behind muscle waste.

#ExtremeWeather Updates: How Trending Posts Save Lives

Harnessing real-time conversational data from social networking platforms can provide life-saving information amidst extreme weather events.

Sowing The Seeds Of Language

Interdisciplinary research suggests the Transeurasian language family was started and spread by a group of early farmers in China around 9,000 years ago.
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School Closures Had No Effect On COVID-19 Spread In Japan

By comparing similar Japanese municipalities with closed or open schools, researchers found that campus restrictions did not reduce COVID-19 transmission.