The Spooky Protein That Regulates Gene Expression In Flies

Insects need carefully controlled amounts of steroid hormone to molt, and the “Ouija Board” protein plays an important role in this process.

Brood Care In Insects Is At Least 100 Million Years Old

A scale insect family fossilized in amber shows how early insects cared for their offspring.

Turning To Crickets To Fight Malnutrition

A project to encourage insect farming is underway in Laos, however, it remains to be seen whether insect-eating will take off globally.

Insect Evolution Revealed

Scientists have traced the evolution of insects via an ambitious project involving the sequencing of 1,000 transcriptomes.

What Makes Silkworms Male Or Female?

Scientists have made the surprising finding that piRNA rather than proteins determines sex in silkworms.

Ants Remember The Smell Of Their Rivals, Study

A new study has shown that weaver ants share a collective memory for the odor of ants in rival nests, and use the information to identify rivals in a completely new encounter.

PHOTOS: Pop Singer Beyoncé Has Horse Fly Species Named After Her

A previously un-named species of horse fly with golden hair on its lower abdomen has been named in honor of pop diva, Beyoncé – a member of the former group Destiny’s Child.