When Two Wastewater Treatment Methods Are Better Than One

Coupling two popular chemical processes leads to better organic pollutant removal than either method alone, say researchers from India and Saudi Arabia.

A Conservation Lesson: Big Cat Worship Eases Living With Leopards

A study documents how worshipping a big cat deity shapes the way people share spaces with leopards in India, providing new insights in conservation.

India’s Poorest Suffer Most From Air Pollution

India’s low-income households are at significantly higher risk for premature deaths due to air pollution compared to high-income groups.

Tracking The Trackers

Given the diversity of Asia, it's no surprise that COVID-19 tracking apps across the continent are also powered by an assortment of frontier technologies.

All In The Genes

Precision medicine could reveal the secrets of Asia’s collective DNA without carrying the risks of consumer genetic testing. Here’s how.

Up And Coming Quantum Applications Across Asia

From providing solutions for data security issues to air pollution, Asia is leveraging quantum technology across all domains.

Uncovering The History Of The Tiger Genome

Historic dips in the population from a wildly endangered past have led to a split between genetically diverse tiger subspecies and several inbred individuals.

Staying Motivated, According To Fruit Flies

Whether flying or feasting, fruit flies are a highly motivated bunch, thanks to a protein responsible for calcium spikes in brain cells.

Turning Tamarind Shells Into Energy Stores

No longer relegated to the trash bins, tamarind fruit shells can be converted into carbon nanosheets used in energy storage devices.