Scientists In Hong Kong Discover New Golden Tree Ant Species

Move over, Yellowjacket. This golden ant species could be the new warriors on Ant-Man's team.

New Species Of Black Fly Discovered In Indonesia

The newly discovered Simulium kalimantanense was named in honor of the Indonesian state of Kalimantan where it was discovered.

New Wasps Become ‘The First Long-Haired Ones’

Researchers in India have discovered five new species of wasps that specialize in parastizing spider eggs, placing them in a new group that translates to ‘the first long haired ones.’

Three New Chigger Mites Discovered In Taiwan

The discovery of three new species in the Yilan County have led scientists believe that more species are waiting to be described, particularly in the mountainous regions.

The Secret Language Of Ants

Using DNA sequencing and quantitative methods to study gene expression, scientists have identified the chemosensory proteins involved in communication between ants.

Brood Care In Insects Is At Least 100 Million Years Old

A scale insect family fossilized in amber shows how early insects cared for their offspring.

Termites, Ants Dig Up Gold And Mineral Deposits

Scientists have discovered an ingenious way of finding new gold and mineral deposits: by analyzing the nests of ants and termites.