electric vehicles

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: C. C. Chan

A pioneer in electric vehicle research, Professor C. C. Chan shares how a conducive ecosystem can be created for the future of mobility.

NTU Singapore Launches Fast-Charging Shuttle Buses

The NTU-Blue Solutions Flash Shuttle can carry 22 passengers and receive a full charge in just 20 seconds.

Greening The Supply Chain One Business Model At A Time

Making the global supply chain more sustainable requires a fundamental re-evaluation of how companies do business, says SMU Assistant Professor Buket Avci.

What Makes Chinese Citizens Buy Electric Vehicles?

A new study has revealed that monthly income and the number of cars a family owns are factors that strongly influence whether Chinese customers buy electric vehicles.

China & Singapore Strengthen Ties With Joint Research Institute

The four-party agreement will look into sustainable urban development, next-generation electric vehicles and intelligent urban transportation systems, among other research areas.

BMW & NTU Launch Joint Research For Electric Cars

The additional US$0.96 million for the Future Mobility Research Lab will be used to research electromobility in Asia and smart materials.

Thin & Light Ultrahigh Strength Steel Developed

Next generation steels could be used to make lighter cars that offer just as much crash protection but consume less fuel.

NTU & TUM Launch Made-In-Singapore Electric Taxi

Named EVA, the electric taxi is specially adapted to the tropics, with energy-efficient air conditioning and other features.

Electric Cars Are Literally Cooler

If all the drivers in Beijing switched to electric cars, the city would be 1°C cooler, scientists estimate.