Durian Seed Gum Makes A Great Food Stabilizer

Don’t throw away those durian seeds just yet. A gum extracted from those seeds can be used as a food stabilizer, say scientists from Singapore.

Sniffing Out The Durian’s Genome

A team of cancer researchers in Singapore has sequenced the genome of the 'king of fruits,' uncovering the genetic basis of the durian’s pungent odor.

Durians Depend On Endangered Fruit Bats

An international team of scientists has discovered that the endangered fruit bats of Southeast Asia serve as pollinators of the durian tree.

Durian Wine, Anyone?

To all the epicureans out there, fancy some durian and papaya wine?

Sniffing Out The Secrets Of The Durian’s Scent

Scientists have identified new odor-active compounds that contribute to the distinctive scent of South-East Asia's King of Fruits.