Keeping An Eye On IoT

Our devices may be able to track our every move, but behind the scenes, experts are working hard to ensure that cyber criminals do not gain access to this information.

Innovating For A Cybersecure Singapore

At TechInnovation 2020, members of the Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium shared their new technologies with an eager online audience comprising investors, technical experts and the public.

WEF 2020 Young Scientists Include Eight From Asia

From neuroscience to satellite research, eight scientists based in Asia were honored as part of the World Economic Forum’s Class of 2020 Young Scientists.
SMU AI Data Protection

Engendering Trust In An AI World

Regulators play a balancing act between protecting individuals and enabling business innovation, said speakers at a conference on AI and commercial law organised by SMU.

Putting A Security Algorithm To Rest

Researchers have demonstrated that a security algorithm called SHA-1 can be easily subverted by malicious actors in cyberspace.

Granting Enterprises The Ability To Go The Distance

Companies can unlock the potential of industrial IoT with the ABB Ability™ suite of digital products and services.

Making App Security A Priority

SMU Associate Professor Gao Debin has received two grants focused on improving the security of programs executing on desktop computers, servers and mobile devices.

The Promise And Limitation Of Blockchain

Companies have been searching for ways to solve practical problems using blockchain technology, but there is not yet a one-size-fits-all solution, said a panel of experts at SMU.

A Quantum Leap Into The Future

By harnessing the unique properties of quantum mechanics, scientists are developing radically new technologies to make the internet impenetrable to hackers.

Entangled Photons Strengthen Data Encryption

By keeping entangled photons in sync as they travel different paths through an optical fiber network, researchers in Singapore have demonstrated successful quantum key distribution over a distance of ten kilometers.