chinese academy of sciences

Fish T1K Project To Study Fish Evolution & Genetics

CNGB has launched the Fish T1K project, a study designed to unveil the mysteries of the origin, evolution and diversification of the largest group of vertebrates.

46 Chinese Scientists Receive Ho Leung Ho Lee Awards

46 Chinese scientists have received science and technology awards from the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation this year.

Coding Variants Not Major Determinant Of Psoriasis Risk, Study

Scientists have found that gene variants representing protein-coding changes may play only a small part in the genetic risk for psoriasis.

Chinese, US, Australian, European Unis Sign Hefei Statement

The Consortium of China 9 has signed the Hefei Statement with US, Australian and European counterparts, pledging to promote the foundational value of higher education.

Bats Confirmed As Source Of SARS

Scientists have isolated a very close relative of the SARS coronavirus from bats in China, confirming them as the origin of the pandemic.

3SBio To Develop DJ5 For Progressive Renal Failure

3SBio Inc. has acquired patents for DJ5 to develop DJ5 as a treatment for progressive renal failure in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.

Genome Of Extinct River Dolphin Analyzed

Researchers have analyzed the genome of the Yangtze River dolphin, which was driven to functional extinction by human activities.

Asia’s Top 10 Universities In 2013

Here's a list of ten prestigious Asian universities that scored a spot on the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2013.

Solar Cells Incorporated Into ‘Smart’ Windows

Researchers have integrated solar cells into a window that can intelligently regulate heat while maintaining visible transparency.