cancer vaccine

BioNTech Sets Its Sights On Singapore

BioNTech is headed for Southeast Asia, with Singapore set to host a fully operational regional office and mRNA production facility by 2023.

Cervical Cancer On The Rise In Japan, Say Researchers

The discontinuation of a vaccination program against human papillomavirus may be increasing the incidence of cervical cancer in Japan.

A Tale Of Two Vaccines

Vaccines that prevent cancer are now a reality. Yet, not everyone has jumped at the opportunity to get immunized. Jeremy Chan investigates why.

Valeant Sells Cancer Business To China’s Sanpower For US$820 Million

In an attempt to reduce its debt, Valeant will sell its cancer vaccine business to Sanpower Group for US$819.9 million in cash.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Professor Surendra Shastri

Cervical cancer is a growing problem in India, but a simple vinegar test could help turn the tides, says Professor Surendra Shastri of the Tata Memorial Hospital.

Academia Sinica’s Wong Chi-Huey Receives 2015 Robert Robinson Award

The President of the Academia Sinica, Professor Wong Chi-Huey, has won the 2015 Robert Robinson Award.

Vaccines Go Stealth-Mode To Fight Cancer

By coating vaccines in a stealth nanogel, researchers have been able to evade the immune system and target macrophages in the lymph nodes.