brown fat

Epigenetics Makes White Fat Turn Beige

Targeting specific sites on the JMJD1A protein could help researchers transform white fat into beige fat without affecting other cellular processes.

Lack Of Protein In Brown Fat Linked To Obesity

Mice lacking the TRPV2 protein in their brown fat are more susceptible to obesity—presenting an intriguing approach to obesity treatment in humans.

Brown Fat + Stress Response = Fat Burning

Brown fat tissue maintains precise control over fat burning with the help of the unfolded protein response, researchers say.

Brown Fat Transplants Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome In Rats

Not all fat is bad; in fact, brown fat could even treat polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition for which there is currently no cure.

Stored Fat Fights Against The Body’s Attempts To Lose Weight

Fat cells produce a protein called sLR11 that actively resists efforts to burn fat, scientists say.

Chromatin Structure Affects Brown Fat Regulation

Researchers have identified JMJD1A as a signal-sensing scaffold that activates thermogenic genes in mice.

LncRNA Regulator Of Brown Fat Identified

Deep RNA profiling has revealed a lncRNA that regulates the development of brown fat.

A Protein That Boosts Brown Fat

Targeting such proteins that convert white fat into brown fat could one day help people lose weight without exercise.

Activating Brown Fat To Lose Weight

A study in mice shows that a compound in traditional Chinese medicine could help weight loss by activating brown fat.

‘Good Fat’ Could Help Manage Diabetes

Activating brown fat cells could help Type 2 diabetics manage their condition by increasing the number of glucose transporters.